Convention attendance fees include all lectures, entry to vendor exhibits, three continental breakfasts, Saturday evening cash bar reception, Sunday lunch buffet, and the Annual Members Meeting and Luncheon on Monday.

Guest packages allow entry to the Saturday evening reception and continental breakfasts. The luncheons are extra. Guests are allowed in the Exhibitor Room and Exhibitor Presentation room; however, they are not permitted into any Sunday and Monday lecture rooms without paying the full convention fee.

The Convention Program and Registration is ONLINE. We will not be sending printed programs. Pre-registration is required by Friday, September 16th. After that date, you will be required to register at the door, subject to increased fees. Although a percentage of supplies for late registrations is ordered, materials cannot be guaranteed. Check-in will be at the registration desk in the foyer. To avoid morning crowds, we strongly recommend you take advantage of early registration on Friday evening.

The SPCP runs a booth at every convention for products available exclusively to our members. Members may purchase items such as client brochures, lapel pins, vinyl logos, and other SPCP member-identifying products. Various publications are available such as the talk of the industry – the SPCP textbook by Marjorie Grimm: Permanent Cosmetics – The Foundation of Fundamental Applications, 2nd Edition, which is now available in Spanish. Be sure to pick up the most recent SPCP book, Principles of Infection Control for the Tattoo Industry by Shanan Zickefoose, BSN, RN, CPCP.

During all SPCP Presentations in consideration of and respect for speakers and other attendees:

  • Mobile phones or other electronic devices must be on silent with vibration turned off. Keystrokes must also be on silent.
  • Videotaping or audio recording with any device is prohibited.
  • Photography with or without flash of presentations is not allowed with any camera, mobile phone, or other electronic devices, including screen shots of PowerPoints.
  • Use of mobile phones will be permitted during presentations only if the screens are kept flat or below the edge of the table with silent keystrokes for the purpose of: note taking, and/or texting, tweeting, or other social media posting. Keep in mind that fingernail tapping is extremely distracting.
  • Laptop or tablet use will be permitted for note taking purposes only if the attendee is seated in the small designated area in the back of the room in order to prevent glare and distraction for other attendees. 

In consideration of our paid exhibitors, there is to be no sales or promotion of products or services outside the exhibitor room. No procedures of any kind may be conducted anywhere within the hotel before or during the convention dates.

A name badge is required for admittance to all functions. Loss of your badge may result in a $10.00 replacement charge. Please help us eliminate the embarrassment of having to remove non-paying friends or relatives accompanying you to the lectures. Badges will be checked

A refund, less a $90 processing fee, will be granted prior to September 2nd, 2022. Refund requests must be written and emailed to admin@spcp.org. Because of event expenses incurred by the SPCP, we appreciate your understanding that there cannot be exceptions.

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