Carla Ricciardone

Dark Lips: The Art of Working with Cool Tones

We are honored to have Carla Ricciardone, a noted specialist working with melanin-rich and hyperpigmented lips, speak on this important topic. Her presentations are in high demand globally. Through countless hours of research and over 2,000 clients, she has developed a cosmetic tattoo method for dark lips that goes well beyond just using corrective pigments. Carla has accumulated over 80 learning experiences worldwide and created a unique understanding of how to deliver information so that people can own their knowledge rather than just watching her conduct procedures.

10:45 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Monday 27 September

Dark Lips: The Art of Working with Cool Tones

Carla uncovers the truths behind working with cool lip tones. A common misconception in the industry for years has been that dark lips cannot be blushed. Permanent cosmetics are done within the skin, not on the skin - so we must treat it as such. With proper technique, tool selection, and custom blending / selecting the appropriate pigment colors, we can neutralize the temperature, hue, saturation, and value of the undertone. This is where the magic happens. With these specially designed techniques, we can neutralize and achieve a "blush effect" on dark, cool-tone lips.