Elsa Torresiani, CPCP, CL

Scar Rehab for PMU

Truly passionate about the craft of scar revisions and permanent cosmetics, Elsa is excited to share her knowledge. She is an internationally trained artist and has been in the beauty industry since 2007. Elsa serves the SPCP as the leader of the SPCP’s Young Professionals Committee. She is the owner of Flawless Permanent Makeup By Elsa in Chicago, and Flawless Permanent Cosmetics & Spa, & Teach Me PMU/Flawless Academy in New York City.

2:00 p.m. – 3:15 p.m.

Monday 3 October

Scar Rehab for PMU

Learn when and how to enhance your canvas for permanent cosmetics with microneedling techniques when a scar is present. Revising the scarred area prior to tattooing can really make a big difference in the way the tattoo heals & looks. Learn the benefits and techniques of microneedling and single needling for; prepping the skin, anti-aging, stretch mark & scar revisions. Elsa will be sharing all her tips and tricks for needling the skin.