Lisa Doll, CPCP

The Artist’s Eye

Lisa is a certified, award-winning tattoo artist, SPCP trainer member, and business owner. With over ten years of experience in tattooing and art, she brings a unique skillset to her work and personal services. In 2014, she opened Rose Red Tattoo that merged the two worlds of cosmetic and artistic tattooing together into one of the leading studios in Maryland. Additionally in 2020, she opened her own training academy where she teaches tattoo fundamental and continuing education to the new generation.

9:15 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.

Monday 3 October

The Artist’s Eye

A one-of-a-kind presentation that will help expand your design skills beyond technical mapping. You will better design procedures for your client’s specific challenges and needs for the most stunning and natural procedures! With The Artist’s Eye, you will be able to see and understand your clients’ facial anatomy on a whole new level! Lisa Doll is an award-winning artist that shares what every cosmetic tattoo artist should know about facial harmony and anatomy.