Steven Greitzer

Beyond the Impression

Steven is a well-known Scalp Micropigmentation Artist, Educator, and Innovator. His collective knowledge from nearly ten years in the field allows a unique perspective in knowing how procedures age over time. He uses various techniques and treatment plans to create the most realistic results. Steven has worked with the industry’s top brands developing and testing products to push the industry forward. His style and exercises have become a standard for new artists all over the globe – helping them to become saturated with knowledge and understanding many techniques.

10:30 am – 11:30 am

Friday 30 September

Beyond the Impression


Steven Greitzer will take us on a deep dive into the science behind what makes a great Scalp Micropigmentation procedure. This journey starts by defining the core factors of SMP and how those relate to a final result. We then take a look at how this technique is delivered and the reasons behind them. By learning the cause and the effect behind the actions, we leave with a better understanding of how scalp tattooing is properly executed. Learn the core factors of SMP, basic fundamental theory, SMP color theory, SMP for women. and more, in this thorough exploration that takes you Beyond the Impression.