Vjera Zec, CPCP


Discovering her natural ability early on by sketching photo-realistic portraits of her family members, Vjera embarked on a lifelong artistic journey which included colorful interior design faux finishes, event installations, and landing lastly on her true calling, the application of color to the skin. After formal PMU training and many years as a freelance tattoo artist, the decision to specialize became clear. Based in West Palm Beach, Florida, Vjera provides classic and modern techniques suited for all different styles and age groups. Her specialty is magnum needles, which she routinely uses to achieve soft finishes for lips and brows. Vjera’s signature MagBlush techniques showcase sheer blush to saturated lip tattooing.

2:00 p.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday 30 September


Lips have become one of the fastest trending procedures in the market! From sheer to full color, there is a technique suited for everyone, and as artists, we need to be well versed in how to use multiple needle groupings. There are many ways to accomplish a procedure and there can be much gentler/faster ways for some situations. In this three-hour presentation, Vjera will showcase her signature technique for lips MagBlush™, which she accomplishes with magnum needle configurations ranging from 7 to 17, straight and curved. She will touch on topics ranging from appropriate needle, machine, stroke, and pigment selection for various situations as well as review healed client results. Attendees will practice her technique and movements on silicone practice pads and realistic lip molds, so be sure to bring your machine and gloves. You definitely do not want to miss this part of the event!